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Uranium for Energy.

Uranium energy that is used in Nuclear Reactors is the most efficient and offers the most abundant source of energy on the Planet.

Uranium is mined all over the world, But Canada has been the largest supplier of Uranium. In fact, Canada has produced about %25 of the worlds Uranium needs.

Today, Kazakhstan is the world's Largest supplier and Producer of Uranium putting Canada in second place.

The main sources of Uranium in Canada are from the McArthur River and Cigar lake mine in Saskatchewan. These two sources are the largest and the highest grade Uranium deposits in the world which are owned and operated by Cameco the largest Uranium company in the world.

Pros of Nuclear energy

  • Compared to the amount of Energy a Nuclear Reactor makes, the small amount of CO2 Carbon Dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere is very low. So Nuclear reactors contribution to Global warming is very little.
  • The technology already exists. Nuclear Reactors are everywhere. They are efficient and cost effective solutions to Global warming.

Cons if Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear Power Plants produce radioactive waste which has to be carefully stored and looked after.
  • If a Nuclear Power plant goes offline, has an explosion the damage would be devastating. The Radioactive waste ¬†could destroy an entire area.
  • It takes to long to build a Nuclear Power Plant. It is estimated that it could take anywhere from 15-20 years to receive all legislation and permits and financing to build a Nuclear Power Plant.

There is an argument going on whether Nuclear power Plants are sustainable. The argument is that Uranium which is needed to power the plants is rare. and there isn't much left on earth. it is hard to find and hard to mine. So if we use all the Uranium up then there won't be any more for future generations. The other side of the argument is that Uranium is the Energy choice for our near Future and will power us to another Energy revolution and to a new technology. So yes, Uranium is limited, but our innovation to create an alternate source of Energy for our future is not.

The nations around the world have their own opinions, as Nuclear Energy is being used all over the world. There is a total of 444 Nuclear reactors being used and there is a total of 63 New reactors under construction. France is the leading country producing the most Nuclear Energy.



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