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Tesla’s Gigafactory and Lithium

Tesla just opened its Gigafactory on July 29th 2016. This is a historic event for the Electric car manufacturing world as it shows that the Electric car revolution is for real. tesla is planning on being the dominant Electric car battery manufacturer in the world. The Gigafactory once in full production will produce more Lithium batteries than all the rest of the world's Lithium battery factories combined.

Tesla plans on building enough Lithium batteries to produce 500,000 electric cars a year. to do that today they would need all the LIthium batteries in the world. Once in production in late 2017 the Gigafactory will be producing enough lithium batteries to achieve that goal. By the year 2020 when the Gigafactory is in Full production the Gigafactory will be producing more lithium batteries than the rest of the world combined.

Lithium is ofcourse the main component in making Lithium batteries for Electric cars. So Tesla and the Gigafactory are going to need alot of Lithium to get that done. It is probably no wonder why they built the factory in Nevada as there are a lot of Lithium mines not to far away. Most of those are still in the exploration stage but show promise of getting on track for development in the next ear or two when the gigafactory will need all that lithium.

Some Lithium companies that will likely be seeing a lot of attention from Tesla will be Lithium X (LIX) , They recently signed agreements with Rare Earth Minerals (REM) and Bacanora Minerals. ( BCN) It is not confirmed as of yet that these companies will be the only ones to supply Tesla with the Lithium as they are still in the development stage.

One Lithium company that is on the fast track to be one of the worlds largest Lithium suppliers is Nemaska Lithium. Nemaska is beginning production at its Whabouchi Lithium Project in Quebec.

Whichever way you look there is a lot of attention around the Tesla Gigafactory and investors are looking at all these Lithium companies to see who is going to be the one to bring the Lithium required to power this Electric car revolution.




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