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Rise of the Silver price

The Rise in the silver price is expected to continue to be seen even as we see the price of Gold retreat slightly today July 8th, 2016 to a price of $1354. The price of Silver seems to continue to hold its ground around the $20 mark. This $20 mark in Silver is a very important number and as it has held now for about 10 days we are likely going to see the price continue to rise. The analyst expects to see $24-$26 silver by October and we could even possibly see $30 by the first quarter of 2017. Whatever happens, one thing is becoming accepted among everyone that the Rise in the price of Silver has arrived after a very long Bear market and depressed prices. The "Silver Manipulation" as many have called it over the past few years seems to be losing control and the powers that be although they may be trying to keep the price down, the Silver bulls seem to be powering ahead. It is truly exciting times to be invested in Silver. To Date this year Silver has outperformed the yellow metal Gold and this is likely going to be the trend for a while. Currently, we are sitting at a Gold to Silver Ratio of about 70:1 meaning 70 ounces of Silver is needed to buy one ounce of Gold. This historical ratio has held consistent for many years at 15:1. so if we are every going to get back to a "Normal" ration of Gold and Silver, Silver will need to climb in price a lot more before this ratio gap will close.


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