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McEwen Mining

McEwen Mining Inc. Presentations

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McEwen Mining Inc. is a growing gold and silver producer in the Americas. Rob McEwen, Chairman & Chief Owner, owns 25% of the outstanding shares. The Company's goal is to qualify for inclusion in the S&P 500.

Shares of McEwen Mining Inc. trade on the NYSE and the TSX under the symbol "MUX". McEwen Mining – Minera Andes Acquisition Corp. shares trade on the TSX under the symbol "MAQ". These exchangeable shares are convertible on a one-for-one basis at any time into shares of McEwen Mining Inc. In June 2016 the Company had an aggregate of 298 million shares of common stock outstanding and issuable upon the exchange of the exchangeable shares.

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  1. admin
    Here is a great Quote from the chairman. " Exercise discipline and wait this storm out, it is going to change. This is a cyclical business. Too many people are thinking it’s going in one direction forever. This is the fourth cycle I’ve been through." Rob McEwen, Chairman of McEwen Mining

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