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Now that the dust has settled, its time to buy

What a Crazy year it has been for Gold and Silver Investors. With a huge rally to start of 2016 we saw most of our gains disappear in 2017. If you were smart and sold off on your bigger gains and re bought adding to your positions when the price of Gold fell your are in a good position now. So like the title says. Now that the dust has settled, its time to buy. We have clearly found a bottom as Gold and most of the miners saw there prices fluctuate a lot over the past 6 months and we are seeing now some resistance and some price movements. Gold and Silver stocks are seeing new investors and are starting to get new financing. Personally I was able to sell at the highs in early 2017 and have added to my favorite holdings putting myself in a position now to ride the next wave to new heights. Some of my current favorites are as follows. Integra Gold (ICG.V), Teranga Gold (TGZ.V), Monarques Gold (MQR.V), Fission uranium (FCU.V), Nemaska Lithium (NMX.TO)

Some of the other solid positions is hold are Tahoe Resources (THO) McEwan Mining (MUX), Americas Silver Corp ( USA.TO)

I also have some speculative stocks that I feel will easily perform in a bull market. These are Santa Cruz Silver (SCZ.V) Silver Bear Resources (SBR.V), MX GOLD (MXL.V) and Metanor Resources (MTO.V)

All of these stocks I feel are in a position to add shareholder value and if Gold continues to rise in the next few months we could see some nice gains.

Of course do your own due diligence and invest wisely. the Mining sector is very volatile and has big swings up and down.


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