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Welcome to the Mining Stock Review News page. We take the latest News RSS feeds form our favorite Mining Stock websites so you have access to all the latest news from the Mining industry all on one page. We cover news feeds from Gold Mining, Silver Mining, Copper Mining.Uranium Mining and Lithium Mining. We will often change our Feeds to make sure the News feeds are always relevant to our users. If you want to read our Featured Articles from Mining Stock Review just click here.

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  • Consolidating and adding to core postions

    The Precious Metals and Mining stock market have been through the ringer over the past few months With the recent news that the GDXJ was rebalancing its holdings in Small capped miners there has been a tremendous amount of selling by the GDXJ and some of the best juniors in the sector have been on sale as the selling has Continue Reading...

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  • Integra Gold to be acquired by Eldorado Gold

    Integra Gold to be acquired by Eldorado Gold at a premium of approx %52. This is a great day for Integra Gold Shareholders who have been waiting years for this news. Although the Offer from Eldorado is at a good valuation many Integra shareholders feel that Integra is worth more. Integra still has thousands of meters of recent drill results Continue Reading...

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  • Now that the dust has settled, its time to buy

    What a Crazy year it has been for Gold and Silver Investors. With a huge rally to start of 2016 we saw most of our gains disappear in 2017. If you were smart and sold off on your bigger gains and re bought adding to your positions when the price of Gold fell your are in a good position now. Continue Reading...

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