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Is it too late to get into the Gold Market?

Since the beginning of the 2016, Gold has been on a tear. It has been the best performing asset class to have invested in. If you would have invested in January you would already be up %25 if you had purchased physical Gold. and ,If you would have invested in a number of most Major Gold Mining Stocks you would have already Doubled your Money. So, Is it too late to get into the Gold Market? The short answer is no!

At the beginning of any New Bull Market Stocks always soar, It is very common to see the Major companies take off rising %50 - %100 in the first few months. Once all the major institutional money has entered the sector, the Juniors then begin to take off. This time around the Junior miners took off just about at the same time as the Major miners. The Junior mining space is so low it was very easy to see stocks Double. But in best success stories of the Junior Gold mining Sector in 2016 we have already seen some of the Quality Junior Miners share price rise %200 - %300 even as high as %500!

So, again, Is it too late to get into the Gold Market? same answer, No. Once a Bull Market begins we usually see a Pull Back, this bull pack is a time period after all the big money has entered the market and has allowed the companies to build some traction to get the engines running, Literally so to speak as many companies in a Bear market even close down mines.

So once we get started money comes in, the Mills start turning and stocks  soaring. Once this happens we then see the prices level off. This leveling off period is caused by a number of factors which would include people taking profits, and companies spending some of that desperately needed money they just raised. Currently we are at a stage of the Pull back and in my opinion we are about to see the Bull begin to run again.

Gold has been down for a few weeks which is long enough of a pullback for the stock prices to have adjusted. From here we are going to see the major mining companies perform a little better than the Juniors but will likely still some quite a few Junior mining companies outperform the market. M&A will be present and buyouts will take place, however the majority of the big spending has been done already. If you are not invested in the Gold mining Sector i would Focus on Getting into some of the Major Companies Like Barrick Gold for the Gold Space and First Majestic Silver for the Silver Sector. When it comes to Junior Miners there are thousands to chose from and finding the right ones are very difficult. Integra Gold is a Junior mining company to place close attention to. Integra is expected to be one of the best performing Junior Mining Stocks this year.

As always i encourage you to review the companies before just buying their stock and speak to experts in the field and investing in this sector is very Risky. Good investing.


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