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Is it time to get greedy?

After 5 Years in a Bear market in Gold and Silver Mining Stocks, The times are finally turning. Since the beginning of the year the mining sector has been flooded with New investor and Institutional Money. The Gold and Silver Mining Companies which were so beaten down in Stock Price have seen a dramatic increase in Price, The price of Gold took a few weeks of leveling off when it had its highs of around $1378 and now we are seeing the place slowly creep back up to those highs after the price had been dropped to the low $1300 for about a week. It looks like the Market is not letting go of this Bull Market and that Gold has made its mark. Investors that got in Early have already seen on average over %100 gains in Gold and Silver Stocks. So, Is it time to get greedy and Double down on our investments and see if we can ride this Bull to even more profits?

A lot of analysts and experts agree the answer might be Yes. As many financials and earnings reports are starting to come out, we are seeing better than positive results which will mean greater increases in stock price as the year and the Bull Market goes on. Many companies had to really trim the Fat on their bottoms lines to stay afloat during the low Gold price environment of the last few years to stay profitable. But now with the price of Gold rising these companies are lean and making bigger profits. I expect that Q3 & Q4 reports will show very positive numbers for companies that are producing profits and the stock price is very much attached to the price of Gold. Companies like McEwen Mining and Barrick Gold or First Majestic Silver. We see the stock price of these companies usually move along side the performance of the Silver and Yellow metal. I would say that even at these prices today after the big run up, that companies like these will still see their stock price rise. If you believe the price of Gold is header higher and will stay higher for the foreseeable future than it just might be the right time to get Greedy and double down on your investment. But always remember investing in the mining sector is very volatile and you should only invest what can afford to lose. Many experts say that %10-%20 of your investment should be held in Gold and Silver, personally I hold more.

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