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Don’t sell your stocks! This is a correction.

The current Gold Bull market is facing a correction right now, So don't sell your shares! What is going on is perfectly normal. Gold and Gold mining stocks have just come out of a 5 year bear market. Gold and Gold Mining stocks have been so low for so long, and so many investors have lost so much money, when the price started to turn positive Billions of dollars started to pour into Gold and Gold mining stocks. What this did was drive the price up. Since January 2016 Gold is up %25, but the average Gold mining stock is up over %100, some even as much as %500!

So when you hear that people like legendary investor George Soros has sold all his shares of Barrick Gold which he bought in March you wonder whats going on? Well you don't become a legendary investor without knowing how the markets work. And George Soros knows exactly how the markets work, some would say he is responsible for making the markets. Just imagine how many people went out and bought shares of Barrick Gold after the News announced that he bought over $250 millions dollars worth of Barrick Gold shares. Alot! because I know I did. So when the Gold price surge to $1370 in June- July he realized this initial run up had peaked and knew we were going to face a correction so he sold off and made a nice profit. But this does not mean he is not still Bullish on Gold or Gold Mining stocks. He is just waiting for the right time after the correction to get back in.

My point here is that if you missed out on the nice run up to $1370 Gold and still have your shares, Don't sell them now. Gold is just getting started and the correction is designed to scare of the weak investors out of their share to allow institutions to come in and take your shares and make money for other investors. If you were one of the few to realize that Gold was heading up and bought your shares early in the year and still have them and are still sitting on some profits I urge you to wait, as the real Bull Market in Gold and Gold mining stocks is just around the corner.

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