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Consolidating and adding to core postions

The Precious Metals and Mining stock market have been through the ringer over the past few months With the recent news that the GDXJ was rebalancing its holdings in Small capped miners there has been a tremendous amount of selling by the GDXJ and some of the best juniors in the sector have been on sale as the selling has caused the price to go down. With this selling from the GDXJ almost done we should start to see these juniors that have been selling at a discount to start to rebound. A few Stocks that I have been adding to which I feel are in a very good position to rebound once the Rebalance is done and the price of Gold start to rebound are


First Mining Finance (FF.TO)

McEwen Mining ( MUX.TO)

Tahoe Resources (THO)

Osisko Mining ( OSK.TO)

Teranga Gold ( TGZ.TO)

Gold Mining Inc (GOLD.TO)

Americas Silver Corp ( USA.TO)

These four stocks I feel are in a great position for a rebound. This past month has been used in selling slower positions that have not been moving or losing more value with the recent downturn in the price of Gold. Some of the stocks I recently sold off but still believe have an upside are

RedEagle Mining ( R.TO)

Santa Cruz Silver (SCZ)

In terms of some new small cap mining stocks that have been added to the portfolio. a few new ones.

Barkerfield Gold Mines ( BGM)

Kerr Mines ( KERR)

Cordoba Minerals ( CDB)

Arena Minerals ( AN)

Golden Star Resources (GSC)

Look out for this stocks listed above for some nice movement as money start to come back into the gold sector this summer. I expect to see some big movement in these stocks listed above starting the 3 weeks of June going in July and then some big price movements to happen in August all the way until October 2017. By October 2017 I feel we could be near $1350 Gold price and we could see stocks like the ones listed above move up %100-200 or more.

Mining stock investing is not for everyone but if you have a small position in a few good companies like these and are timed correctly before the Bull market starts the risk versus reward could be well worth the risk.

Always do you own Due diligence and only use this newsletter as a guide and not as investment advice.



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