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Big Gains ahead in the Mining sector


When thinking of what kind of gains can be achieved in a Bull market it is easy to find some great examples, If you look simply at some of the top producing companies like Barrick Gold (ABX) of First Majestic Silver (AG) both of these stocks saw a bottom around January 2016. Barrick Gold at about $8.29 and First Majestic Silver at $3.75 Since then Gold and Silver have Risen about 18% but these two top performing companies in Gold & Silver have risen to $30.39 for Barrick Gold and $21.59 for First Majestic. As you can see Mining stocks perform much better than the physical. But now that we are 6 months into this recent Gold Bull Market how much more gains can we expect? If we use these two companies and look at the last bull market and compare how long the Bull rally lasted we can see that Both of these stocks still have a long way to go. If we look at the highs of Barrick Gold when the price of Gold reached $1900 in 2011. Barrick Gold was at $53.12 which means if the price of Gold continue we could still see the stock price of Barrick Gold Double before this Bull market is over. As for First Majestic Silver we don't see the same pattern as we are reaching the all-time highs for the stock price however the companies overall production and reduced cost savings have put the company in a much better place than it was in 2011 so although we can't say for sure i believe the First Majestic Silver still has room to go as this new Bull Market is just getting started.

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