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Best Gold & Silver Stocks to Buy now

Since the beginning of the year Gold & Silver Stocks have been on fire. Some of the best have seen rises in stock price of 500% and even more. The reason Gold & Silver Stocks have climbed so far so fast is because the market was beaten down, over the past 5 years in the Bear Market in Gold some of the best quality stocks have been down as much as 80% from their highs! So far this year we have seen the price of Gold rise from its low of $1100 to $1370. Currently Gold is at $1340, so what will happen next and what is still a buy? Below I will give you my Best Gold & Silver Stocks to buy now!

If you believe Gold is heading higher which most analysts do, Buying solid Gold & Silver producing companies will be your best bet. If you are not sure of what companies to buy then buying into an ETF is an easy and safe way to start. The GDX and GDXJ are two ETF's that track the top Producing Gold companies and Junior Mining companies. Both of theses ETF'S have seen a huge rise in Stock price since the beginning of the year with the GDX rising in price from $12.47 to $31.50. the GDX basically follows the price of Gold as most of the major Gold producing companies stock price rises and falls as the Price of Gold rises and falls.

here is our List of the Top 5 Gold & Silver companies to Buy Now in 2016

  1. Barrick Gold (ABX.TO)
  2. First Majestic Silver ( FR.TO)
  3. Tahoe Resources ( THO-TO)
  4. McEwen Mining ( MUX.TO)
  5. Teranga Gold ( TGZ.TO)

I believe all these companies still have a lot of room to grow. With the price of Gold & Silver expected to continue to rise as this Bull Market continue to take off these companies stand a good chance of outperforming the markets.. If you are looking for more of a speculative play on some Junior Mining stocks I have another list for you. These stocks are more Volatile and the stock prices move faster up and down as the price of Gold moves but I believe these companies have lots to offer and in this Gold Bull Market environment where lots of institutional and private investor money is entering the space these companies have a good chance of getting the attention and possibly seeing a rising stock price. Not to mention the possibility of being bought out by larger Gold companies looking to take advantage of the low stock prices available today. As I mentioned most of the companies have already seen a nice rise in price since the beginning of the year but i believe there is still room for them to go even higher.

  1. Integra Gold ( ICG.V)
  2. Americas Silver Corp (USA.TO)
  3. Monarques Gold ( MQR.V)
  4. Red Eagle Mining ( RD.V)
  5. First Mining Finance (FF.V)

These are just a handle of producing and Junior mining Gold & Silver companies that I have my eye on and have been invested in at times. I may buy or sell any of these stocks in the Future but currently i am a stockholder in them and do not plan on selling any of these stocks within the next 72hrs. I have not been paid by or have received any compensation by any of these companies mentioned. I am long on these companies as I believe they all have value and will show that in the share price as the price of Gold and Silver rises in 2016-2017. Always do you own Due Diligence when investing in mining stocks and speak to a professional when needed.

This Bull Market is just getting started and if positioned properly you should be able to make really great returns.

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